Understanding this Thermocouple Multiplexer Shield Circuit Diagram

Hi All, Here is a circuit diagram for a K type thermocouple multiplexer (page 2). http://oceancontrols.com.au/datasheet/ocean/KTA259V3Thermocouple_Mux_Shield.pdf.

I can understand the role of the ADG608R and the MAX31855, but I am perplexed with the HC4050D chip, and, also on the ADG608R chip, the bottom left pins labeled A0L0 / A1L0 / A2L0 and ENL0. What's the L0?

Also, I thought the MAX31855 was 3.3V only, so is my guess that the 74HC4050D some sort of level shifter correct?

I looked at the data sheet for the 74HC, but at my level, it all went blank :grin:!!

I guess that this is some sort of collaboration, so that's why it's here... please correct if it should be in another forum... thanks

Yes, the 74hc4050 is a level shifter