Underwater ROV communication


I am developing an Arduino based underwater ROV for 100m depth as college project.

My primary objective is to control the ROV using my laptop and a joystick and also obtain live feed from a camera (720p preferable). I have read about Ethernet cabling but I am confused on how to implement it in my case. Being a mechanical engineer I am not very familiar with data and communication jargon.

Please advise.

High speed communication (e.g. video) over 100 m of cable is not something a beginner can design and implement. Look for commercial solutions, or hire a consultant.

That type of comminications is unlikley to have a simple A,B,C list or tutorial of what to do to get it working.

If its not your field of expertise, sub the work to a colleague who has a reasonable amount of experience in that sort of stuff.

100m depth, it's to hard with newbie. Only build the submarine can take many many time and money.