Undo and Debug Monitor.

Hello! I'd just like to commend the Arduino Team for a great concept and design. Arduino really helps students learn Microprocessors and prototyping much faster and much easier.

I'd just like to suggest some improvements regarding the Sketch IDE. Whenever I undo a code i've written, i have to look for the code that was undone. this is difficult especially when you've re-written a bunch of code, and you'd like to go back 3-5 steps.

It would be convenient if the sketch would automatically go to the line of code when pressing undo.

Also, when debugging a program, it takes quite some time before I can locate the problem. Would it be possible to make a "watch window"? I'm not sure if its called like that. I'm pertaining to something like in EMU8086 software where you could actually see the flow of code running.

I would be eagerly awaiting the next version of sketch. :smiley:

Thanks and More power! :slight_smile:

  • Migs

thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

Debugging the code without bloating the compiled code it's going to be a bit tricky. we've looked at solutions that would work through gdb.
ATMEL promised us almost two years ago for a simple 1 chip solution to implement debugwire, the debug protocol used on AVR processors.
I have given up hope on that one :slight_smile:

The new Arduino Due supports SWD and we've been testing a few dongles that support gdb so that we can provide proper debugging integrated within the IDE. Let's get the Due out of the door and we'll start working on that


What's Arduino Due? is that the new board? or sketch? :slight_smile: planning to buy an Arduino AtMega 128 soon to work on more projects. :smiley:

Arduino Due is the new ARM based arduino that comes out on monday


cool. :slight_smile: hopefully, something like that would surface in the Philippines. I've searched around and heard that it took quite some time to release. what is the advantage of an Arduino equipped with ARM better than the Arduino with ATMEL?

More power. :slight_smile: you guys rock.



->undo thing: done
->and about debug, you can add a 1 sec delay and enable “AutoClear” to help you debugging, no “Watch” window, but a bit better than just the normal serial window

Nice. :slight_smile: maybe they could offer this as an official Arduino IDE upgrade. :slight_smile: