Unexpected compiler error handling

IDE 1.6.12

class aClass {

  public :


  int aClassMethod(void);

aClass::aClass(void) {  }

aClass::aClassMethod(void) { return 4; }

#define XXX 1

aClass anObj;

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:


int foo(void) { return 3; }

void bar(void) {  }

void bar2(void) {  }

void loop() {
  if (foo<XXX) { bar(); }
 // if (anObj.aClassMethod<XXX)  { bar2(); }


There is two errors here. foo is a function and being incorrectly compared to XXX. The compiler seems to shrug this off thinking foo is a pointer. Technically correct? Does offer a warning.

Uncomment the next line and the compiler gets upset about the method not having its ( ). But the highlight is up where XX is defined NOT where the error occurs.

This could drive you nuts if there was a ton of code and the error highlights are somewhere else.

-jim lee