unfiltered thinking...

Well, here it is, Christmas eve. i have gifts all set for family (my offline family), and even some for myself ;)

i have bounced around from several projects, and managed to fill every flat space in my workshop with parts and unfinished projects. then i bought an electronic drum set. my organization was of the chaos style, but that even flew the coupe when i made room for the drum set. on the plus side, i have managed to make some noise (in my headphones), but nothing worth recording, except for a good laugh, maybe.

what i have to do is clean the useless crap out of my workshop, so i have room for my projects again. my server rack has yet to be built, my train layout still remains just a circle of track with a locomotive on it. the alarm system project has been abandoned, and the parts reabsorbed into inventory.

But on the plus side, look at the journey i have made working on each project. i think i have learned much, but still have much to learn. i have made friends along the way, and probably even lost some. i have made money working at the several various job-sites, and spent i don't even want to know how much on various projects. but i am at least back on budget with my bills.

i have recently learned a bit about electronic drums, and how to make my own trigger pads. apparently it is fairly easy. they are mainly just a piezo disc that is protected by a pad. i have also acquired a 1997 model Alesis DM5 drum "brain" that sounds better then the cheaper-made Pyle PED04 brain. it is also more configurable, so as i make my own pads, i can "tune" them to sound how i want. and in the meantime, i may even learn how to play the drums :D

One thing i was thinking of making with an arduino is a drum metronome. it would really help me learn the drums, though i have to find my workshop desk again :o

i found THIS page that really got me thinking about making my own drum pads. though that would be easier if i could find some really inexpensive drum shells. not too keen on the 5-gallon bucket drum shell idea. the pads i have now work, but they are a little hard on the hands (via the sticks of course), and the tapping is louder than i thought it would be. if i was to use mesh drum heads, i am told they are quieter.

Anyway i hope everybody is safe tonight. :D