Uni project - LDR's

Hi, I was just wondering if anybody could help me with my digital media project. Basically i am going to be using an arduino with Max MSP and LDR's to create sound through light intensity. So when a light is pointed at a light sensor there will be sound creation (from Max). Any advice on how to go about this with an arduino? i'm not particulalry clued up on how they work yet. thanks alot!

Put the LDR from an analogue input to ground. Then put a 100K resistor from the analogue input to +5V. Read the analogue input and send it out over the serial port. Then have MAX catch the serial data and do stuff with it. Nothing to it. ;)

Search for LDR on this forum (upper right) will give you many code examples.

How fast do LDRs respond, by the way? Pretty much immediately?

Don't you know what “immediately” means? What an impoverished upbringing you must've had. I heard it all the time when I were a lad. Nothing but. Everything had to happen immediately. Tidy your room — immediately. Come here — immediately. Put that 4KV live wire down — immediately. There's even dictionaries on teh interweb, these days, you know.

If immediately is the time taken to tidy a room then yes LDRs respond immediately, if immediately is inside a millisecond then probably not.......

If you want faster use a phototransistor.