Unidentified 7 Segment LCD

I recently bought an LCD display from my local electronics store. It was two bucks, so I figured why not. I can't seem to identify it however. I powered it up using some example code, and it turns out to be a 7 segment style LCD. I can't figure out its pinout or anything. All I know is that the driver chip is the HI-8010P-03. The datasheet can be found here. It's got a fourteen pin ribbon cable attatched to it. It's seven pins over seven pins. I want to use it with an arduino uno.



Quote: "You shift in 38 bits of segment data by putting the data on the DIN and then pulsing ~CL low then back to high for each bit. After the 38 bits have been sent, you pulse LD high then low to transfer the shifted data to the output latches. Quite simple, really." from http://www.electronicspoint.com/threads/need-help-using-a-hi-8010p-03-chip.259025/

The number of bits you shift it would possibly be lower as your LCD glass do not have that many segment. Apart from that, the course of action is the same.

Look at the shiftOut-function.

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