Universal Control! possible serial com with no program?

Warning! I Am Long Winded :sweat_smile:, some what, Not For The Weak Of Heart Warning!

I have always planned to maker great projects, some with computer control to monitor or even model my creations such as a GUI of a 3D robot with all measurements and read out, and with given commands the real robot move. I could do all that by several means, but now I need to simplify production…

What I wan is to make a simple model arm, and rather then an epic program to control it or a complex controller, I want it to just have it do its thing, running its code. All for educating. To help explain its workings i would like to use the serial debug, as well as to help debug of course. But here is the thing…

I would like to be able to plug the Arduino into any computer(using the teachers computer in my case; it does not have the Arduino environment, and i can not download my own program), with the arm running I wish by some means to be able to open and read and maybe even wright to the serial port with out using the Serial monitor that comes with the Arduino environment or any other program.

I tried well over three or five hours(can remember when i logged on :drooling_face:) command prompt lines, windows CE commands till i read what windows CE was, mostly coming to programs as an answer or rubbish.

My hope at the start of my search was to find how to just open a port in command prompt and it would have the proto-call to function like the serial monitor. i found no such thing.

I looked to hear first to see if this had been an issue, i hope that someone might tell me i missed something that answers this, advice or experience with such a need, enough to tell me that there is a method or no easy way with out a program or an on-board BIOS interface like a LCD screen. if that is the case would it be advised to use a ps2 keyboard and some sort of shield or board that could easily aid in the making of a readable interface?

Note this is my first post. took my forever so i thought it would be a lot longer :sweat_smile:, but i think it works. good night to all and please don't trouble your self's so much with this one XD.

You might make a batch file somewhat like below, but the arduino auto reset would have to be defeated.

@echo off
::mode com3:9600,N,8,1 >nul
echo moving servos
echo 07001500 > com3 
echo 8 second delay
ping -n 9 >nul 
echo 22000700 > com3 
echo 5 second delay
ping -n 6 >nul 
echo 15001500 > com3
echo 5 second delay 
ping -n 6 >nul 
echo 09001800 > com3
echo done
echo Did it work?
echo press any key to restart loop

A batch file could defiantly fit the profile, Thanks!