Universal IO program

Hi all,

I have written a piece of code that allows you to configure Inputs and Outputs via the Serial Monitor.

I currently use this to run my house Domotica, but I also use it in Theatre projects and for commercial assignements.

I am pleased with how it works but it is far from finished... More functionality and idea's are waiting to be implemented and I am looking for people who would want to collaborate to make it open source.

If you are interested. let me know!

You don't need to collaborate with anybody to make it open source.

Open source is just a form of licensing. Open-source license - Wikipedia

Ok, I'll change the to in my OP to and...

Just upload it on github to share it with the world.

Add a proper license if you want people to be able to use it. And of course documentation on how to use it in the first place.

Maybe its late but there is a protocol called Firmata, which makes exactly the tasks you want to do. Its well documented and compatible with all Arduino boards.