University robot project

Hi everyone!
i'm pretty new about arduino world and until now i've done only 5/6 really simple projects..i write to you for a doubt.. i'm approaching a university project of a robot which have to climb a tree and a shaft. I've thought i could use arduino for the movement and remote control of the robot. Is that possible?
in this case, could you suggest me a sort of guidance in order to improve my programmation skills?

Thanks a lot

Programming the Arduino is the simplest part of this project, and how you program it will depend almost entirely on the electro-mechanical part of the robot.

First build the electro-mechanical part and then come back with programming questions.

I would say that jremington offers some sound advice.

I would offer also that if your project for a tree climbing robot is to be battery powered, you need to work out what motors to use. tiny motors with lots of gears will offer lower power use, but be slow.

I would take the mechanical part of the project in a couple stages,
you have to clamp to the tree/pole to hold on.
you need to grasp the tree with one part while the next part reaches up . stops, then a gripper grabs the tree.

this would be 3 motors

I would offer that each motor would need to have a sensor to show open and closed.
but that a grasping sensor would need some other way, possibly stall current or a spring on a switch that allowed a firm grasp to be determined.

some mechanical things to figure out, but motors and switches are not too hard to work with. any since you will have a few, much of the motor control can be simple duplication.

Thanks for your advices!

i will design electro-mechanical parts and i will come back !

for the motors i've thought that i could use a system of 4 engines......

i will update you soon!

thanks again