Unknown Component


I've been looking at the schematic of the Arduino Uno and found this component:

Can someone tell me the name of this component?

PS. Google coudn't help me :(




What's it doing there?

It seems to enable bus powering of the Uno. Cutting it will disable this function. See page 185 - 188 of the ATMEGA16U2 datasheet.

i have a new love for these... when setting up loads of i2c address's they are drastically cheaper than installing dip switches!

Sure. And, like with the reset enable jumper that set auto reset upon USB/serial connection, put a trace through it. You can cut it if you need it opened, after which you can use it as usual (put a blob of solder on it if needed).

I don't even really solder it, I just use my 2B pencil from 6th grade.