? unknown double-colored-glass onGlass LCD


in my “fundus” i have about 100 or more LCD. TFTs, OLED, VFDs und WTH else 8)
Some of them are more then 20 years old, but still work 'cause most are brand new sealed.

In the exploration of the ARDUINOS i tried several of them to connect to a UNO or MEGA, and in this case i “found” some double-colored lcd.
There is absolutly nothing printed on it - so has anyone an idea ? :fearful:

You have a passive LCD glass, you won’t be able to use it easily without a dedicated LCD driver chip. You need to figure out the pinout of the glass to connect it.
Search for “Passive LCD” and you will find the information you need.

// Per.

Hoi Per,

Thx for the Infos. Over 12 years ago i bougth them... 8)

As you see that this is a quality web site that is it for now