Unknown driver in GLCD (192x32)

Hi there to all. I’m all new to the forum, as so far I mostly got all I needed from existing topics or from my coworkers… but right now I’m in a need of a help from someone with more experties on the field of Arduino/C and GLCDs.

So, the problem lays in the fact, that I have a premade pcb board with several non-color GLCDs of resolution 192x32 dot pixels, which were custom made for these boards, but the manufacturer doesn’t want to cooperate with any info at all for them.

The next problem is that these boards and lcds on them are driven via shared network, using 8 data pins (D0 - D7) and 8 address pins (A0 to A7).
Data pins are common for all displays and other components, but are driven via HC373 ICs, which are selected via addressing on A4-A7. Some of these addressing combinations are Lcd Enable pins (which is actually R/W pin on the LCD itself), while one of the combinations openes “E6” connection so that D0, D1 and D2 are lead to the lcd’s CS, Reset and A0 pins. (These are latched, so until next “E6” trigger last state is saved! )
There’s no actual “E” (enable) pin on the module itself… (?)

I already figured out all of the combinations, so I know exactly what A to write to get D pins onto the displays, however I’m struggling with the GLCD itself. First of all, I’m not too familiar with the GLCDs internal procedures in the arduino ide, as we rarely use Arduino at all, but in such discovery phases, its useful, but I mostly used existing libraries until now. I have no idea how to send instructions and later data to the arduino, as the connection uses common arduino pins for Lcds setup and Data, therefore this needs to be programatically controlled, so no existing library is in any help.

Since I only found one display with such resolution on the web, its from CrystalFontz, I decided to try the instruction set based on their datasheet and hope it will work.

But, I’m stuck at the point how to write instructions and data to the GLCD module, without library, so that I could actually see/understand pins and data applied to them and modify this to be used with the shared network that PCB works on…?

Other than that, I have an original controller of these LCDs, but reverse engineering of it is a real pain…

I do have schematics of the board so if its of any help, I can post it here, other than that, if anyone could help me out, I’d be glad. Just point me out to what other info you need, please.