"unknown error occurred running Arduino_Create_Bridge.exe" windows 10

Hi all,
i have a problem with the ide code editor on win10. I wanted to use the online code editor, downloaded and installed the plugin but at the last step of the process, I got an error that I attached at the end of my post in a picture.
Please help!!!! I will be very grateful!!!!

Hmm invisible picture....

Quite often installing the plugin as an ADMINISTRATOR will often help.
Also you must accept the pop ups for permissions, certificates and drivers etc. as without those the plugin will just sit there and do nothing.

In some cases an over aggressive antivirus or other security program may also interfere with the installation.
If that's the case most often turning off the additional security just for the plugin install will get around it and then add CREATE to the exclusions.

You did not mention which browser you are using but the best for the online editor is CHROME.