Unknown LCD - Anyone shed some light?


I got this display off a cordless phone and would like to connect it to my arduino but I am unsure of the pinout. I have had a look for it but no luck. Anyone got an idea of what the pinout is or what I could try to find it out? It seems that 7 pins is common on an LCD, if I am correct then what pins would usually be for what?



My guess is the 7 pins are useless to you, and it's the 36 that matter.

With that many pins I'd assume some are address and some are data, rather than combined with a data/command switch. Could be wrong though.

EDIT: I think I've misunderstood how that display goes together, and it is the 7 pins you'd use to com with the lcd controller. ...but I can't think how only 7 pins would work. Perhaps it is a serial interface?

I have had some experience with scavenged LCD displays. I would assume that pins 4,5,6,7 are data pins used in a 4-bit parallel communications (common in controlled LCD displays). 1,2,3 are most likely power supply pins. It does not appear to have a backlight so I'd also assume that one of the pins on the right would be a write enable pin or something similar to that. The unfortunate thing is that the controller is encased in that black blob and you have no way to identify a pinout. Trial and error may be your only option for figuring out the power pins.

The good news is that the LCD commands are usually common among most LCD controllers. Once you find out which pins do what you can find a generic chart of ACII commands that can be sent to the controller.

Good luck!

Ok thanks for that…

It would be great if I could get this working because I have two of them… :smiley:

So if the first 3 are power then what sort of voltage are we talking? The phones themselves that the screens came off were 3 volt. Do you think it would be ok to use the 3.3 on the arduino or would it need to be 3 or something lower?

So should I just connect up the power and the possible digital pins and then send some data to the pins?

You also said that one of the pins may be an enable pin… What do I do to enable it? :stuck_out_tongue:



Did you ever see those displays working? From my perspective they look more like segmented LCDs rather than alphanumeric.


Yes I did see the displays working because I used the phones for a while until the NiMh batteries finally gave up... They are alphanumeric so I shouldn't have an issue with that...

Ok, I have to apologise....

After putting power into the phone that I had not taken the LCD display out of I found that it is alphanumeric at the top and has segmented stuff at the bottom... It appears that people know more about the stuff I own than I do... Well it has been over a year since I used it...

So this is probably a dead end post now as the coding is no doubt different to separate the segments from the numbers and I won't be able to find this out...