Unknown LCD Display --HELP--

Hello all :smiley:
I am realy new and beginner member of arduino microchips, and i realy wanted to know how to program a LCD with adruino..etc
I show lots of youtube videos and many examples of arduino LCD programing and settings, but all of them was with nimi 2x colors LCD's,
i realy wanted to know how to program a LCD and work with it but i have a problem :frowning: , as i said im beginer with all that and i don't have big experience and i
realy asking for help.

LCD that i want to work on it. LCD (10cm x 16.5cm "24pins",+2 -/+ for power).



as you see from the Pic.n#3 thats the only info that i have from the LCD,
and i cant find anywhere how to connect...etc to start programing the LCD.

ps. If you have any tutorial how to program a LCD + connect it with arduino pls reply.
Working with an "Arduino nano v 3.0". Beginner

well, I'll be the first to say something.
take a pic of the connectors (nice and clear like your other pics) and tell use what the display came from.


Thanks for reply, i was waiting alot.
The LCD came from a portable DVD player, (The old "new" portable dvd players with DVD's CD's ..etc) for sure i don't remember the
manufacturer name, (for example if some ppl don't know what is a portable DVD player) >>>

and the Pinds of the LCD.. 24pins

I hope someone will help me :slight_smile:


HELP ???

if the dvd player had composite video in it would have been more use but the lcd panel on its own is scrap