Unknown LCD screen

Hello all!

This is my first time on this forum so excuse me if I did something wrong..

However, my problem is that I 'recycled' a lcd from an old children's learning laptop (from 2002). The LCD is supposed to work. I don't know the resolution, but it isn't character based. The LCD itself is attached to a pcb with a chip that is not able to be indentified. However, on the silkscreen next to it it says: u5 vcp220. Tried to search datasheets for it without luck...

On the bottom of the lcd there are 3 caps, one row of 14 connections, and two seperate connections. Those 2 seperate connections say: "contrast" so it should be pretty simple. However, the other connection only says: 'J3'.

I don't know what the resolution of this LCD is, however if I recall from my memory, it wasn't small, but not enourmous either. I'd say somewhere around 100x70 or something like that.

Some of the pins on the longer connection headers are connected to SMD resistors. The most rightious pin is connected to a giant pane that goes everywhere so I guess that's ground. another pin is also connected to ground: pin 1.. And some lines connect to eachother after the resistors or I don't really know what's happening as there is a silkscreen line in the way..

There is also a single test point, connected to the IC directly

On the other side of the IC there are literally more than 50 lines going to the LCD itself. I could count them but it would be very hard.. Tell me if you need that.

How could I indentify this lcd? thanks! :)

Update: After looking more into it: the resitors are pulldown resistors, so it indicates that it is digital right? I also speculate that pin 2 is voltage, because it goes to a cap connected to ground and the line is thicker than the others.... but again: after following the trace there's a pulldown resistor before the ic. I've also discovered 5 more smaller test points, they where hidden after a little bit of hot glue. And there's also a empty resistor SMD place connected to the IC directly. Still no luck finding out how it works and I'm scared to supply voltage on it...

Can you post a picture?

What are you trying to accomplish with the LCD?

The screen is from an 'Accelerator X8' Mine has '016-B55101-04475' on it.