unlink a library

im trying to run a small program on arduino nano that uses ADXL345 accelerometer (writen in C without using arduino script or libraries)
while compiling i get an error about linking wire.h library from arduino driver of ADXL345
although i have my own drivers for I2C and for ADXL345

how can i unlink the arduino adxl driver so it wouldnt ask for the wire.h driver?

You have a sketch in your libraries folder that has a different ADXL345.h file. The Arduino builder seems to find that library instead of the one in your current sketch.

Why do you have sketches in your libraries folder? Move them somewhere else and see if the problem persists.


when i link the divers they are copied to the main project folder
i tryed to seperate them to another folder but the IDE keeps copying them when i link them to the project

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