Unlock the bootloader

I want to know how to unlock the arduino bootloader or how to burn the fuses to be able to reprogram the avr microcontroller and through the programming that I put on the board it helps me identify it as a printer for the computer, does anyone know how I could do that?

The Arduino bootloader is not locked. A useful answer depends on knowing what you are trying to do. Also which board you have.

The AVR by itself can't communicate via USB, so normally there is a 16U2 coprocessor to act as a bridge to the PC. But you would have to write custom software to emulate a printer. Really, that is the hard part, not installing it.

The Arduino bootloader is not locked and you can connect the programmer with ICSP header and freely rewrite the overall microcontroller and change the fuse.

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Do you know how i can connect the program?, and change the fuse

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What do you know about how the printer does that? Is it part of USB protocol?

V-USB is a software-only implementation of a low-speed USB device for Atmel’s AVR® microcontrollers

You need to tell us which arduino you are using.

The bootloader/fuses can be changed at any time using an ISP programmer, but as has been mentioned that will not in any way change the USB identifier for the majority of arduino boards because there is a separate USB to serial controller on the board, and the USB identifier is how the computer recognizes the printer.

Why do you need the arduino to appear as a printer? Are you trying to emulate a particular brand/model of printer? The code needed to emulate a printer is generally very specific to a particular printer and printer driver.