unlocked GPS

Hi at all!
Its many years that Im fan of Hugh altitude balloon and model rocket :slight_smile:

Now Im build a new rocket project, where gps is necessaire for tracking altitude and position data
But there is a problem…
Common used GPS are locked to 30 km and mach1, and over that value, it dont work

Do you know some Arduino compatibile GPS that is unlocked?
Or do you know how access to the code for re programming it?

Or…last chance…how to built and programming my own Arduino GPS reciever??
Thank you very much!!!

Nice try, NK

Haha :) thank you :) you have some idea?

No one can help me?

Some idea?

Google gave me an answer. If you have Google in your country, give it a try. If you don't, then maybe you are NK after all.

Im from italy, obviouslyi have google, what did you search? Cause i did some search but i found nothing relevant What is NK?

What is NK?

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Rocket Man.jpg