UnNamed Sensors

Well I got a bunch of sensors in today… exciting and fun, but wait,,, not all are labeled. Ok I can narrow most of them down leaving me with 12… Now 11 cause the mercury switch was a no brainer, after I looked at it.
This is the kit I got to play with.
Can anyone name these from left to right? They tell me in the description what comes with the kit, and I have narrowed many of them down.
Thanks… well I am going to play with the ones I know for starters.

this page lists all the devices.


Yeah my question wasn't what was in the package, my question was which one is which. As you can see the first one listed is a rotational potentiometer, however the first one in the picture is a relay.

I think this one is the buzzer

this one is probably the rotation sensor

just guessing on this one. but I think it is probably a red/green/blue LED

this one is probably the infrared (IR) module

try this, put the name of the module in google, add the word arduino
if that does not work too well, put the module name in and add the word KEYES for the manufacturer.

hope this gets you closer to your goal.

Thanks I just noticed there are numbers on them maybe I will google the numbers and see.

There are only 12 that are not labeled, google here i come.

hover, do not click over picture.

Thanks, nice link, I actually contacted dx electronics they sent me to their forums,,, so I don't expect any info there.