UNO 101 pro and cons

I am thinking of purchasing a new Arduino (101) Can anyone point out the pro and cons on the new 101 vs the time tested Uno. Also are there any know bugs/issues with the new 101, or should I wait for a while until everything gets worked out. Thank You in advance.

You are comparing an apple to a truck. Totally different systems. The only thing they have in common is the layout and they are programmed with the Arduino IDE.

Is it safe to say that the 101 can do everything that the Uno can do and more. So all the projects that I have done with the Uno will work on the 101?

No that's definitely not safe to say. Many sketches and libraries are written specifically for the AVR microprocessor that the Uno uses, none of these will work with the 101 without modifications. The AVRs have been around for a long time so there is a ton of code available for them, the 101 not so much. You will also run into more bugs since it's a new hardware core and isn't being very well supported by Intel. You will also find less people here on the forum who are familiar with the 101 and can help you. If you need the extra power of the 101 or want to learn to work with the more modern hardware then that would be a good reason to use the 101 but otherwise I'd recommend using an AVR board if it meets your needs.