Uno + 1sheeld as a mouse/touch screen

Hello all!

I recently got a 1sheeld ( play around with and it's pretty interesting. I having it running off an Uno R3 (Arduino Uno Rev3 — Arduino Official Store) . Pairing it to Android phone, getting the app running and sensors working was simple enough :slight_smile:

What I would like to build is an automated mouse (or touchscreen) click on the screen, in response to one of the sensors.

Just like if you take an OTG cable and plug a mouse into it, you get your mouse pointer on your phone. Simply have it click specific areas on the screen when, for example, the noise level gets past a certain point.

Again, the input from the sensor is easy enough. I need help with outputting back to the phone. Is that something the 1sheeld can do? Or would it take wiring up another Arduino to connect to the phone where: Arduino A + 1sheeld triggers Arduino B to send MouseTo coordinates to Android?

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

I dunno what a 1sheeld is, but usually you need a program (app…) on the phone, that reacts on some input. The kind of input depends on what the shield can send.