Uno as a modbus master with logging to an SD card......feasible ?


I need to create a small self contained remote logging unit that will read 10 or so of the 03 registers from a modbus slave. The information is updated by the slave every 1.5 mins. I then need to log this data to an SD card. Ideally I would want to then be able to plug the unit into a USB port on a PC and pull off a txt file with all the logged data on it.

Everything needs to be housed in a small enclosure.

Is this something that can be done with the Uno board or am I barking up the wrong tree completely ?

Thanks for your help


I don't know what a 'MODBUS slave' is or what would be involved in reading registers from it. If you can obtain the data then logging to an SD card is not hard.

The 'pulling off a text file' part makes me suspect you would want the Arduino to appear (to the PC) as a mass storage device. I've never tried doing that but comments on these forums seem to imply that it's either hard, or simply not feasible. Could you simply plug the SD card into the PC instead, or perhaps source a separate SD-to-USB adapter, assuming such things exist?