Uno as USB-modem for serial rxtx connection

My project is to send a *.bin file through serial rxtx(pin0,1) to flash the ram of a small network unit. It isn't accesible through neither Telnet in Terminal(osx) nor Eth in browser.

I have found out it could be done by a pythonscripted program called tftpgui that serves as a utility to upload software through serial connection to onboard bootloaders.

I had found the commands, to be executed in tftpgui, that sends the *.bin to the boot-loader memory 0x... address Jim's Blog: TP-Link MR3220 Debricking
Though the webpage state to use a dedicated hardware tool for interpreting signal from USB to serial, which is basically what Arduino also is able to do.

the tftpgui works with ports as communication(UDP default set to 69) but neither cu- nor tty-port works through this port. Does any know which port the Uno could be working through?,11472.0.html gives me an idea of how to set up the Cpp code in the Arduino PE though i have not been able to locate a working solution that is able to upload a whole file(specify the place on local harddrive) and flash it to the certain 0x memory address on the device. (MR 3220) Just as the guide with tftpgui in jim's blog announces.

I will make a how-to instruction about it(because of the obvious lack of guides on the searchable internet) so that others in the future with same proposition can achieve the same result and accomplish a successful goal.

How could i be able to do it with the given setup?