UNO based data logger for the classroom

I cobbled together an Uno based data logger that can be jumper-ed together very quickly with a few parts and a breadboard. I originally posted about it in the sensors forum, but realized that I probably missed the mark there when I came across this forum, so I'm reposting the link, with apologies for the duplication:

An Arduino Uno based Datalogger for the Classroom

It runs with Tom Igoes wonderful example code from if you change the cable select line to 10.

I added DS3231 RTC alarms & sleeping so that the students can graduate to stand alone builds later. We used this logger to introduce all the basic programming concepts with tethered operation before we started soldering and I am so glad we did. By the end all of them understood programming concepts like libraries, etc, but I'd say only about half of them could solder properly. I really was not expecting the physical part of the process to be so challenging for them.

Just added a github repo for the basic Uno logger code at:

as some folks have pointed out that the copy/paste process from wordpress was introducing a whole host of formatting errors. Apologies to anyone who was subjected to that.

Now that the repository is there, I will try to embellish the code with a few basic sensor examples when I have some spare time...which may be in a while...