UNO based RF remote - Need guidance on how to trigger events via internet

So, I have some RF controlled roller shades that neither the Hook or RMPro could handle, so I decoded the remote signals and have successfully actuated the shades with my little RF/Arduino Uno setup.

Ultimately, I want to set up various weather and calendar based situations via IFTTT and to decide when to trigger the shades automatically... in addition, voice actuation via Alexa would be grand, but is secondary.

As for the primary goal of using IFTTT and logic via, I am thinking that I need to have the Arduino check variable status on every x seconds then perform the actions based on those variables. The downside of this is it's a lot of web traffic for no good reason unless I tame it down to checking every 5 minutes or something, then it's not very responsive if I wanted to layer on the voice control

Is that correct, or is there a way to push the action to the Arduino or set up the Arduino as a server and have webhooks trigger the event... Am I looking at this the wrong way?

(I'm trying to avoid paying for any web services to do this)

A kludge that I'm considering is using the Hook for the web side of things and using the rf from the Hook (by using some unused buttons on the cheap outlet set I have) to trigger RF outputs that I want from the Arduino...

Thoughts and nudges in the right direction are sincerely appreciated,
I'm not looking for code or specifics, but would gladly accept them.

It sounds rather like something for an IoT service with two-way traffic. Check the Adafruit MQTT facility

Thank you Nick, I will look into that.

I also stumbled across this:

Looks to be a similar deal.

There are several. I haven't used any for some time but I get the impression Adafruit is the best supported and it is free.

And Thank You again Nick!
It is working on a prototype level with Adafruit MQTT connection. I've learned a lot in the last few weeks!
That opens the door to IFTTT and Alexa (via IFTTT widget).
I ended up using an Adafruit Feather Huzzah.