UNO, being powered by GPS backup Batt

Hi All,

I’m working on a GPS Arduino Project, I’m using a Venus GPS modual and a software serial connection to get the data from it. I have a battery backup 3.7v (3000mAh) on the GPS that is to keep the GPS warm while the project is powered off. However, the uno ON LED filckers on and off when the TX on the venus is sending data. This is keeping the uno ‘awake’ and when the power resumes to the project the program will not run untill it’s reset.

Any ideas or workarounds for this?



Are you trying to power the Uno from the 3.7 battery or is it powered seperately?

Input Voltage (recommended) 7-12V

Any ideas or workarounds for this?


While your Uno is sleeping, why not drop power to the Venus' 3.3V line but keep the 3.7V applied to VBAT?

You'll save even more power and will be able to hot start the GPS again within 1 second (according to the spec sheet).

Assuming you can live with a small delay in getting data from the GPS.

Just a thought,

Brad (KF7FER)

Thanks for your replys,

I think i've just sorted it. By default there is a solder jumber on the venus board next to the V-Batt pin. This links the Vbatt to the VCC. so you can start the GPS by only applying power to the VCC. upon removing the jumper it works as I expected it to.

Cheers, Will post my project once it's done