Uno Board with Serial port inuse, Launch4j and more problems inside

[u]What I've done so far to try and fix the problem[/u]

  • read the troubleshooting guide. multiple times
  • uninstalled and reinstalled, each time downloading from the website to make sure it wasn't an issue downloaded
  • Restarted the Computer
  • Check drivers
  • Used different COM ports
  • Google problems, it seem no one has similar enough problems for a solution to work
  • Check out /r/Arduino

  • Enabled/Disabled Uno Board from Device manager w/o restarting system

[u]Problems I've had and been unable to fix[/u] - Serial port was in use even after using task manager to close every app that could use com or usb ports - After restarting the computer and the 1st Upload will always get serial port in use[ - When starting application ( both with board unplug and plugged in) will give me a Launch4j error while it was starting - Error opening serial port 'COM5'

My system is running windows 7.I can't figure out is the problem with my computer or my board.

Edit: Ever after a restart still displays Serial port 'COM5' Already in use. No other program other than Chrome is running. What could be using the COM port?

Update May 20 2013, 10:51PM: After talking with some people from /r/Arduino, They said it might be a driver conflict or have something to do with my BIOS IRQ settings. They didn't give me any instructions on how to fix the issue related to these two problems. Still looking for solution to be able to upload sketches from my computer I was able to upload a sketch from my android phone, so I know the board isn't the problem.