UNO board wont appear in port, and wont install driver

IMPORTANT: MY OPERATING SYSTEM IS WINDOWS VISTA!!! system is Windows vistaSo i just got my Arduino UNO for a birthday present, and I've had a problem: The board itself does not appear in 'device manager' as port 'Arduino (Comxx, or whatever)' , but there is a device called 'Unknown Device' (Wow, i wonder what it is?) and there is no driver to be found on the 'search for driver on the internet, or getting onto the board that SHOULD CARRY the driver, [u]and, even better,[/u] [u]THERE IS NO OPTION ON THE OFFICIAL SITE[/u] to download a driver for the UNO, so I'm kinda stuck. And one more thing: The LED next to the letter 'L' is repeatedly blinking on a half second interval. Does anybody know what this means?

Hi, the Arduino board does not carry the drivers, you should get them in the Arduino IDE download, choose version 1.0.3. Then follow these instructions The blinking LED is ok, don't worry.

The official download includes drivers, so calm down a bit.

This is the procedure I use to install the Arduino drivers:

Right click the Unknown Device in Device Manager Select Update Driver Software Select Browse my computer for software Click Browse button Select the Drivers folder under the location of your Arduino software installation. (Do not select the FTDI folder inside the Drivers folder) Click OK Click Next