UNO Bootloader (Optiboot....) without LED Blink?

is there a Bootloader (the newer Optiboot, not any of the more outdated versions) for the UNO Board just without the Pin 13 LED Blink.
Ok, it may be handy to have the blink but sometimes it would be much better without it...

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Exactly which LED blink are you talking about ?

I think I understand your question, are you asking if there is a boot program that does not blink the built in LED when loading or restarting? If this is your goal I suggest you go to the github optiboot page and ask there.

If you upload your sketches via ICSP, it will overwrite the boot loader and you have the full control. Not always convenient.

You can take the latest version of Optiboot from GitHub and built it according your needs. The LED blinking can be omitted by setting the option LED_START_FLASHES=0.


Optiboot binary build from the MiniCore Optiboot source files using the following command:

make atmega328p AVR_FREQ=16000000L BAUD_RATE=115200 LED=B5 LED_START_FLASHES=0 UART=0 (862 Bytes)

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@ hansibull
Thank You very much, that is what i was looking for... :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@ Budvar10
"take the latest version of Optiboot from GitHub and built it according your needs" well...I would like to do that, but I lack too much knowledge that I would like to acquire.


It's not nuclear physics. Little bit of willpower to try. You can use the make or Atmel Studio project. In the worst case you can ask for an assistance here.
Link: GitHub - Optiboot/optiboot: Small and Fast Bootloader for Arduino and other Atmel AVR chips administrated by forum member WestfW.

“Make help” even mostly works!

BTW, most of those are the default values anyway.

make atmega328p LED_START_FLASHES=0

should be sufficient.

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