UNO clone with Quectel BC68 TE-B

Hello everyone!
I have a big problem regarding a work that school assigned to me. I am a complete beginner in these kind of things so I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge. The thing is that I have Arduino UNO clone and Quectel BC68 TE-B shield and my task is to send information from a sensor of my choice to some web server using NB-IoT and MQTT protocol. I found some materials on the internet about this matter but none of them explained the core things to me like how to even connect the Arduino with the shield to the computer? Do I just connect the Arduino or even the shield? I am really lost and open to any ideas and help. Thank you in advance.

Please read the very first topic telling how to get the best from this forum.
Every helper is not using the BC68 TE-B. Link to the data sheet please.

Sorry for that. this should be the link you are looking for I hope

I noticed this piece in the data sheet: Voltage at Digital Pins -0.3 +3.3 V
Quoting You: Do I just connect the Arduino or even the shield?
That is not clear. What is the issue?
Of course that circuit needs to be connected to the controller in order for the controller to send data.
However, the future is outside my comfort zone but surely other helpers step in.

Thank you very much for your response. So far I am learning with the shield itself and my teacher helped me a lot so I am good for now.

Good to hear! Also good there's a helpful teacher.

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