Uno+CNCshield+ 3x hall sensors KY024

Hello everybody. I have a project running with an arduino uno, cnc shield, grbl, and I want to be able to control the homing with 3 ky024 hall effect sensors (with regulation, and digital and analog output) but I run into the problem that I don't know how to wire them to the cncshield as they are not mechanical switches. Anyone to help me?

I have only used the A3144 Hall Effect switches with the cnc shield. Wire the Vcc of the sensor to 5V, ground to ground and the output to a limit switch input. Pullups are enabled on all the limit switch inputs by default so you don't need an external resistor (with grbl). The limit switch input will read LOW if exposed to the proper magnetic field. If you are writing your own code you will need to enable the internal pullups in code. The switches that I use require pullups as they are open collector (drain) outputs.

It looks like the output of the ky024 sensor is HIGH when the magnetic field is sensed. The sensitivity can be changed with the potentiometer. You would still connect the output to pin 9 for the X limit switch, 10 for Y and 11 for Z.
cnc shield Uno pins

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