Uno connection problems

Apologies if this is a silly query, I’m new here. First time Arduino user.

When I connect my uno, the power light flashes three times then goes out. I get a message from windows about unrecognisable drivers.

I have gone to the device manager and tried to update driver - it tells me its the latest version.

I’m doing this with Arduino 1 8 13 open. The kit was bought from Radionics (RS Components) and appears to be original, my gut instinct is that its a Windows issue.

Can anyone give me a steer on sorting this?

Thanks in advance.

Is that a genuine arduino or some arduino clone? If its a cloned arduino, they might use a diferent chip for the usb - serial ( CH340). You might have to install the right driver for that cloned arduino.

Could you see if any of this post applies to you ?

What exactly Arduino board do you have?

If it’s actually the power led that flashes and not the L led, your board is broken. The flashing of the power led would indicate (in my opinion) that your OS applies power, device draws too much current, OS removes power, applies power etc.

So let’s first make sure that it is the power led and not the L led.

In response to your replies:

spa2036, I bought my kit from a reputable source (mentioned) who I’ve been dealing with for decades. It certainly looks legit quality. How would I identify a copy?

Ballscrewbob, thank you for that link, relevant bits to this query would be I’m an engineer, automotive/mechanical by training but have been running a DC electrical business for some time now, schematics etc would be day to day stuff for me.

Boffin, as stated in my post, its an Uno.

sterretje, whats the “L led”? As far as I can see my board only has the power led.

CH340 has been mentioned a few times, what does this relate to? non of the two chips on my board seem to have this number.

Thank you for your replies,

Cheers, highfield

There are at least three kindes of Arduino Uno including clones: with Atmega 16U2, CH340G, CP2102 as a USB-UART bridge (located next to the USB connector).
16u2 + CH340G
CP1202 is similar to 16u2 but needs a different driver.
Can you give a photo of your board?

L, TX and RX leds in the red square

Apologies for the delay in replying:

sterretje, the only LED that lights on my board is the “ON” LED on the right side of the board in your picture, it flashes four times, then I get a message bubble in windows stating that the USB device is not recognised.

Boffin, how do I upload Pics to this board? I assume they need to be hosted elsewhere and linked to?

Thanks for your patience people.

To upload a picture, click the Upload button on the toolbar of the Reply window.

Any chance that your Arduino is laying on a conductive material? Note that e.g. the black foam that is used when electronics is packaged is conductive and the silver bags as well.

If that is not the case, your board is broken; send it back.

@highfield Please try clicking the reset button and use another USB cable. Most likely it is the USB's problem, so try that first. If that doesn't work, try resetting it. Hope that helps!

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