UNO control pins to L298N Dual H-Bridge Motor Controller

I am controlling two DC motors with the bridge mentioned.
Project found here: http://
Code attached.
I am controlling using pins off an Arduino UNO. In case of motor 1 I am using Pin2 and Pin3 for direction and Pin9~ for speed. In the first case Pin1 should be HIGH, Pin2 LOW for forward with Pin9~ set at 255 for full speed. I could not get the motor to run. So I put the control leads onto LEDs to watch what was happening. When Pin1 is written HIGH it only flashes and does not stay on and Pin9 also just flashes and does not remain on. Naturally no power to the motor.
What am I doing wrong?

F0J53XTI49RNEAC.ino (2.46 KB)

Turn OFF line feed & new line on the serial monitor(Bottom right)

Right!.... now I learnt that once before... how stupid. THANK YOU... so much... so very much.

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