UNO doesnt work with Arduinoscope

Hello everyone,

For those who dont know arduinoscope:

It is a Processing program that reads in real time the analog entries of an arduino and displays a graph like this one:

I have a blackwidow, which is a clone of the arduino Duemilanove with built-in Wifi, and with it the arduinoscope works perfectly, however, when I try with my arduino UNO, it feels like nothing is happening.

Did anyone experience this before? Would the problem be in the communication between the processing sketch and the Arduino UNO or more in the hardware characteristics of the UNO? (should the sketches be re-adjusted?

I posted on the site of Arduinoscope an issue but the community is not as active as before:

Thanks in advance for your help



Which operating system are you using?

Mac OS X 10.6.6

Hi there
I might have a solution (it worked for me): follow each steps of this installation: Using Arduino as Oscilloscope - ArduinoScope! - Homebrew & Technology
Then, in the processing sketch just modify the line: port = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[0], 115200); and replace it with port = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[1], 115200);
Hope it will help some.

I still have a problem: there is much more noise in my interface than in the picture; hope this is not because of my arduino... =(

P-S: please forgive my english, I'm french :slight_smile: