UNO driver problems

hello all i just received my UNO and..... i can't install the driver for it....

well i obviously followed the official guide, with no success each time i try to manually search for the driver on the pc by pointin the drivers folder windows keep saying that there is no driver for my hardware.
i also tried by installing the erwin Arduino ERW 1.0.5 same thing not working.

on my hardware screen my arduino appear just as a usb0.2 hardware does anyone have an idea?

well i obviously followed the official guide

Why follow the official guide if you did not buy an original Arduino?

So, link to the Arduino you bought. But you probably need this driver :wink:

what you mean by original arduino? and thanks for the help i'll try this driver right away.

Edit : ok got it what you mean by original by the link you provided i didnt knew abou copy , i'm really new to arduino and i just bought the first one anyway thanks for your help the driver wrked well =)

Original Arduino as in bought in a respectable shop for like 20 euro's/dollars. Not a eBay/Aliexpress/China order online in the far east.

Is it so hard just to give us a like of where you bought it?

thanks again sept and what mean this sentence : Is it so hard just to give us a like of where you bought it?

sorry, m english is bit limited and i bought this from amazon, if it's your question =)

Ahh, Amazon. So I think it's just a clone. They work perfectly thou but you need different drivers. Do you have a link/url of the item on Amazone?

yes here's the link it was at 25$ so i tought it was an original one

mm, if it indeed looks like the image it's the original one. :slight_smile:

Did you download Arduino IDE 1.6.7 installer and installed everything?

yes sept i got evrything i even got the manual installer from erwin and nothing worked but the ch340 driver worked like a charm ,no doubt it's a clone....