UNO Drivers won't install

I just bought the UNO and I'm trying to create a project, but the drivers are not available when I try to install them. They open in a Word document, and then when I try to search to update the drivers in the "control panel", there are no drivers available. However, it shows the "unknown device". Can someone help? Thank you.

OS: Windows 7, 32-bit

Restart your computer and while boot up keep pressing the "F8" key "Advanced boot options" will open choose "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement"
after windows open go to "Device manager" click on update driver for the Unknown device and choose Arduino's drivers folder and see if it works this time

No luck. As I said, when I see the "driver", it shows as a word document and it is unavailable as an option when I try to manually load the driver.

UNO is crap. Going to get my money back...

Steps to install the Arduino drivers in Windows:

Right click the Unknown Device in Device Manager
Select Update Driver Software
Select Browse my computer for software
Click Browse button
Select the Drivers folder under the location of your Arduino software installation. (Do not select the FTDI folder inside the Drivers folder)
Click OK
Click Next

Having same problem as OP....Tried the fix you suggested...No luck. The computer is not recognizing the driver folders at all. Tried it in Windows 7 and in XP.

Try with:,118440.0.html

It should install your drivers automatically. If not maybe it is something wrong with Windows. (missing sys files)

I was having the same problem this morning and finally realized when I downloaded the software, the driver files were still in my downloads folder. I copy and pasted the Arduino drivers folder to my pc drivers folder, went through the process in my device manager (right click "unknown device), browsed to and selected my drivers folder when prompted, and it installed the drivers. Now it shows up as it's supposed to.

UNO is crap. Going to get my money back...

Where did you buy it from?