Uno implementation on a Perma Proto


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I'm looking for some guidance in implementing an Arduino Uno controlled system that I have had success with, on an AdaFruit Perma-Proto board using the ATMEGA328p to reduce the spatial footprint and hopefully durability (particularly of my connections as I can use screw terminals).

I have basically outlined the project here;

With my main question and uncertainty being the layout and structure below;

Basically I'm just wondering if anyone with experience in creating an embedded circuit like this could have a look at the breadboard diagram to confirm that it will actually work before I start soldering.

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It wodul make more sense to buy a cheap Pro Mini.

You should follow the schematic provided by the MiniCore author here:

As for the layout, make sure to get the decoupling capacitors and the crystal as close as possible to the chip. There is a nice layout in Nick Gammon's tutorial, but it's a little odd because you sort of have to hybridize the designs together since there isn't one that shows both the decoupling caps and the crystal.

The caps should be like this:

The crystal should be like this:

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I should mention I'm using this project to learn and add to my portfolio in pursuit of a career as a SCADA / control systems type engineer.

Cheers for the reference, I've update the circuit in my original post and think it should be functional.

You should have 100nF bypass caps between the power pins on each side of the chip.

You have both low-numbered power pins connected to +5V, instead of one each to gnd and +5V. Both high-numbered pins are shown connected to GND. (in spite of the wire colors.)

ARef should not be connected to power; it should connect to another 100nF cap, with the other side of the cap connected to GND.

If you need to reprogram it, or look at the serial console for debugging, then an FTDI header would be useful.

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