Uno intallation issue on Windows 7 64bit

My computer is not recognising the Arduino driver installation. It identifies the UNO as a Communication Port in the port section only and does not recognize any arduino products. I have deleted the arduino-0023 file, uninstalled the driver and then rebooted my computer to attempt to install the correct driver on my computer but my computer will still go to the last directory the driver was installed from, even though this file has been deleted before the reboot. I have gone in the file location to verify that it no longer exists there. The UNO is disconnected from the computer during reboot. I don't understand why the computer would still be recognizing the UNO driver installation file after this process. I also don't understand why the Device Manager won't show me the individual files in the arduino-0023 file.

Reading other troubleshooting threads, I tried tried to reinstall the driver software from the arduino-0023 file with the FTDI USB drivers folders removed and I come up with the same result.

Has anyone else had this problem?

On my updated Windows7 I didn’t need to install any driver. Windows used standard usb serial driver and when I wanted to use the FTDI the os said that the newest driver are allready installed.

BUT: I had to download version 22 because in 23 there wasn’t an exe file. Worked without problem :slight_smile: