Uno Internet Connectivity Options

Hi All,

I have a project with an Uno which uploads sensor readings to a WebServer using HTTP POST, currently i'm using the GSM Shield for this but finding it very unreliable, frequent hangs etc. I am trying to find a solution that will be more reliable. The method i'm considering is using a MiFi device and an ethernet shield but would appreciate any suggestions.



If you can make do with just 1 analog input, ditch the Arduino and get a D1 Mini ESP8266

DaveMac: The method i'm considering is using a MiFi device and an ethernet shield

I'm not familiar with MiFi, but I think that would be a pretty good approach - if you really need it, and anything is better than a WiFi shield. I used Xively with an ethernet shield feeding a WiFi repeater. I understand the essential difference is that the repeater extends an existing WiFi network, while MiFi is a WiFi hotspot that establishes a new network and sends data over the phone service. If you already have a WiFi network, using an ethernet shield and WiFi repeater is surely a cheaper option.

No way an ethernet shield is cheaper than an ESP8266 board

Unfortunately I need more that 1 analog input

The location doesn't have any network connectivity so I need to use the mobile network. If I could get the GSM shield reliable it would be fine.

In that case, I guess MiFi offers a solution. I believe it is essentially a stripped-down phone which has a WiFi hotspot facility. I don't know if they come with cable connect too but it would make a lot of sense if they did. If they don't, an ordinary router that can take a GSM dongle might be a better option, as it surely will have cable-connect, and I think that makes things easier at the Arduino end. It is also likely to be cheaper. MiFi is promoted as a pocket portable device, and that asset may be irrelevant for you but they are usually battery powered, and that might be the deal maker - or breaker.

Fortunately power at the location is not a problem. I will persist and try get the GSM shield working as it was not cheap to buy then look at the other options.

(Ahem!) At the risk of raining on your parade......... I have been sitting on a common SIM900 GSM shield for a few years and never used it. I believe this is a 2G system and it appears that I now have just one month to get it together as the the 2G network is to be shut down. I may be wrong about this and I have not noticed any posts on the matter, but it is something that might merit your attention........