Uno 'L' LED Blink and Com port Busy

Hello all, I am new to the arduino and just purchased an Uno to mess around with. I am having problems getting sketches to load. I am running Vista on my laptop, have ensured the drivers are loaded and it tells me that the most current driver is being used.

My problem: the on light is lit and 'L' LED blinks constantly. When trying to load the blink example, all I get is an error that reads "serial port 'COM 4' already in use. Try quitting any programs that may be using it. Can anyone give me some ideas of what it could be?

Thank you

This forum is for getting help with making your Arduino communicate with your PC. For help getting your PC to communicate with your Arduino to upload a sketch, you should be posting in the Installation and Troubleshooting section.

Most likely, you have some other software, probably some bluetooth crap, that is hogging all the COM ports as soon as they are activated.