UNO Lockbits are somehow being changed

Hello - I am having an issue when using UNO boards. The issue is happening randomly where for no apparent reason my sketches will no longer upload. The error reported is avrdude: verification error; content mismatch. Verbose is reporting that the sketch is being written with the error showing up after attempting to read the flash back out and verify against the hex file. After this happens, I check the Arduino UNO lockbits using my ISP programmer and Atmel studio only to find that they've all been set. Consequently, the sketch will not upload and verify correctly. If I reload the bootloader which essentially erases the 328 chip and clears the bits, sketches will work (for a while) then the same issue will happen (lock bits are set). How can this be? I thought that there was no way the lockbits could be changed through the bootloader. I'm using IDE 1.8.7. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

You are correct that this should not be possible...

Yes, agreed. Does anyone know of anything that can be mistakenly done within the IDE that could corrupt the bootloader, fuses or lockbits? For example, interrupting a sketch while it is uploading? Selecting the wrong board? Uploading a sketch that is larger than the 328P program memory? Or, outside of the IDE - low voltage, static discharge? Anything else?

You are correct that this should not be possible...

Well it has been done. :o

Have you tried reinstalling the whole Arduino IDE?