UNO+micro switch+pump

Hey all,

Total newbie to Arduino coding but like many I have an idea that I'd like to implement but I can't figure out if an Arduino is totally necessary and if so what the coding for it will be.

The vision: pretty simple really. I want a micro switch, that activates once a container lid is opened, which then triggers a 5v pump to run for a set amount of time. Let's say 5 seconds. The pump turns off and won't activate again until the lid is opened again. Closing the lid will not activate anything.

The question: is an Arduino necessary? Can I run the pump straight off the board? Is an "if, then" expression the best way to go about coding this?

Again total noob here so any help is appreciated.


You can do this with a relay, a 555 timer, 40175 IC, and some discrete components, but it's probably easier to use an Arduino.
Any Arduino should do the job.
Check out these tutorials:


Ok cool, thanks for the help. Do you think using a relay for the pump would simplify the set up or would running the pump straight off the board be easier?

The only reason I do not recommend the relay/switch solution by itself is that you want it to run a specific time and then not come on again until the box closes and reopens.
There's a hundred solutions to the problem, using an Arduino is a relatively easy one.

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