Uno on mac lion ox 10.7.4 [SOLVED]

Hi, i'm kind of new to arduino. i try to install the software but then i got notice like this, ' to open arduino you need to install a java runtime,but you are not connected to the internet'.my internet connection is ok and i believe mac has it's own java runtime and my os is up to date.

No, the bundle does not have java included with it.

Run /Applications/Utilities/Java Preferences

what versions of java are installed?

Hi James C4S,

sorry,it is my mistakes......when i check the java version,apparently i still do not install it yet. and when i tried to install, it gave same message which is 'cant install due to no internet connection' although my internet connection is ok.....and java website also not helpful as it said that mac has it's own, i resolve this by directly download from and it's work.....thanks for your reply

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