Uno or Leonado

Hi i just wanted to get a more professional opinion before i decide between the leonado and uno r3 boards…i have a uno (but blew the chip or the board)…and i know the leonado is better but unlike the Uno, the leonado does not have a replacable ic which is a problem if i had to blow it again? are there any safety measures built into the leonado to help with that…PS im new to Microcontrollers so my experience should be taking into account…Much thanks!!

Wouldn't it be cheaper just to buy another chip.They only cost about $6 at adafruit and its a simple matter of removing the blown chip and putting in the new one. I have heard the Leonardo is okay, but you can do more with the Uno.

The Leonardo is very different from the Uno. The main advantage of the Leonardo is that if you plan to use it as a USB host mode, for Keyboard and mouse emulation. The Leonardo further complicates USB serial communication if you don't know what you are doing. It is very easy to get into a bad state making it more difficult to troubleshoot.

Otherwise I would strongly recommend staying with the Uno, it is a much better learning platform and a simpler design. Yes, having a removable microcontroller is also a big plus in case you damage it. It has happened many times with new beginners.

t3rror23: I know the leonado is better ...

Better in some ways, not others.

For starting out, I would use a Uno, with a replaceable chip. (I have one with the SMD chip, and that was the one that failed).

Many of the example sketches on the Internet were written for the Uno (or similar). Some subtle things are different in the Leonardo, so unless you are planning to emulate a keyboard, or joystick, I would stick with the Uno.

Awesome sticking with the uno then haha...Thanks Guys:):)...and i am replacing the unos chip but my bro wants an uno as well so there was the opportunity to get the leonado and give him my uno...buuut il stick with the uno then...thanks:)