UNO R2 Schematic and Board

Hi Arduino People,

where can i find the schematic and the board layout of the arduino uno r2.

I bought a new uno r2 in the hope i could modify this open source hardware but i can’t find the documentation.

So please provide a link to the eagle files.


Did you look in the Hardware section on the Main Site? I would expect it to be there.

Hi CrossRoads,

yes of course. At the main site and hardware index there is only a link to the R1 sources. I'm looking for the R2, who has the '8U2 turned by 45° and 4 additional solder pads.

Ah. I wonder what happened to the UNO SMD? That used to be there too.

I noticed that few days ago:,66792.0.html
But no answer from admin/moderators.

Anyway m2ic, I downloaded it when it was available. I’ve uploaded an attachment. (138 KB)

Here is Uno rev 2 schematic… 4 new solder pads are for JP2

arduino-uno-rev2-schematic.pdf (91.6 KB)

Ah yes! That is what I'm looking for :-) Thanks a lot, Mic

Sorry to bump an old topic. But are reference designs final? IE can i convert the eagle file to gerber and get it manufactured?

I am currently in a PCB class at my university. The instructor wants us to learn how to place components, traces, vias, etc. So far i have downloaded the rv2 schematic and used the "to board" command on Eagle to then start placing the components myself. Is there anything i should avoid or make sure to do? I was wondering about the spacing between the I/O so that it can be shield compatible.

You can download the eagle files for any of the arduinos. delete/ripup all the parts except the connectors & go from there. Then board dimension & placement will be corrert.