UNO R3 + adafruit music shield and ir remote

Hello everybody,

as nobody reply on the audio forum and the only answer i got from the adafruit forum was'nt really helpfull, i hope someone may got an idea here, about interacting with an adafruit mp3 shield and some ir remote.. Adafruit_VS1053.h and Wire.h on Arduino UNO R3 - Audio - Arduino Forum

Thanks a lot and greetings,

I don't think multiple posting is doing you any favours, someone will be along soon ...

I read the post and could really understand whats gonig on.

As a general rule:

break your porject down into smaller pieces - get the MP3 thing working as you want it, the start adding other bits. when it stops worknig you can then more easily find the fault .

If you know how, write each "bit" as a function , "loop" will just call each in turn.