UNO R3 - All LEDs are on at start

When I power on my Elegoo Uno R3, all Leds are ON. The ON LED doesn't blink three times as expected. L, Tx and Rx are ON.

Pressing the reset doesn't do anything. The PC won't see the device when connected to USB.
I tried powered it on with USB cable and direct power. Same issue.

I didn't find anywhere someone reported this issues (maybe I didn't look enough). I think the board is bricked, but I'm wondering if there something I can do to recover the board.

Any thought?
Thanks !!

ELEGOO have not been noted for reliability.

if its pretty new you may want to RMA it

A few topics HERE in regards to the forums and elegoo brand.

I seem to be lucky in that the generic clones and the official boards tend to fare better.

That you cannot see it at all under you OS could be an issue.
Do you have any hardware at all that is reporting any kind of error ?

You failed to mention a few vital details such as OS, type of USB port being used, etc. etc.