Uno R3 Clone wont ender DFU mode.

Hello guys! So i wanted to get a racing wheel for my pc, but because i am Greek and poor, i decided to try and make one. I already had a cheep-o uno r3 clone, that i got from ebay. I was about to get a leonardo, but then i found out about unojoy. So i downloaded the files from github, and installed flip. But when i run the unojoy bat, i get an error saying "atlibusbdfu.dll not found". So i opened my device manager(i am using win10 pro 64bit btw), and i found out that when i short the pins to ender dfu mode, nothing happens. I mean, the onboard led flashes, and the uno dissapears from my device manager, but then it comes back as an uno again. Not unknown device or anything. I found out that most clones dont have the 16u2 chip, and thats a problem. But my clone does have it. Thats what the ebay listing said, and thats what the square chip on it says. Should i just get a leonardo? Or is this doable? Thanks!